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Rescuing the Souls of Puerto Rico


On the island of Puerto Rico there is a serious problem with dogs who are abused, abandoned, and living in horrible conditions. We are dedicated to help save these souls from their inevitable fate and find them a home that will give them the life they deserve. 

We are committed to our rescues, when we take a pup out of the streets they become an important part of our family. We will do everything we can to save them and place them in a loving home. We do this all with the help of volunteers, fosters and donations. Without help we wouldn't be able to save so many souls. 

About us

Before I moved to the island I had never considered rescue work but as you drive through the streets you can't help but see these poor defenseless souls. Puerto Rico is beautiful but this problem is all around, there are few people that help but it's most of them ignore the problem. 

I was walking by a homeless man just sitting by the stress with his very sick puppy. When I saw this I just couldn't help but ask if I could take care of this defenseless baby. This was my first rescue, after this moment I started Souls of Satos. 

Now, I've been able to grow and save so many pups (and some kittens) with the help of so many kind hearted people. I've even partnered with people who love our rescues as much as I do. 

Contact Us

There is always a way all of us can help those defenseless souls. If you would like to adopt, foster, volunteer, donate and/or colaborate you can contact us. New innovative ideas to help are always welcome and encouraged, let us know your thoughts.


Team Work Saves Lives