Charlie: There are no Lost Causes

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

A couple of months ago we received a message about an older dog found on the side of the road. When we saw the pictures our hearts broke and we decided to take the case. We believe that our precious boy had a family before he was dumped on the streets. He has cropped ears which is done to Pit Bulls simply to make them look "cool".

We have so many theories as to what was done to our Charlie. He could've been bought to be used as a "guard" dog or for breeding, chained up on the side of a house and neglected. He ended up having calluses on all of his four legs, on his stomach and his chin probably due to the fact that he has never slept on a comfy bed before, just on the pavement.

His ears are probably the result of a bad crop job done at home, we can't believe people mutilate these precious pups just to make pit bulls look intimidating. This horrible practice led to mangled and scarred ears. He hardly has any teeth in his mouth due to this horrible life and age. This is probably the first time he's ever known love and protection. We do our best to take on cases but sometimes these souls just break our hearts, when he was found by us, he was at 8 years old. He was a veteran on the streets of Puerto Rico deserving of a home and a life where he doesn't have to worry every day about how to survive. Is never too late for an older dog.

We made it work although we knew it was going to be hard work, we did our best to save his life. We found an amazing organization in New York willing to take on our beautiful Charlie, called In Our Hands Rescue. They are a non-profit foster based rescue in NYC who is working on finding him a home. If you're interested in offering our beautiful Charlie a forever home, please let us know. He deserves a home where love meets no boundaries.

-Author: Vivian Alicea

-Editor: Krystal Garcia


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