Madeline: Her Breed isn't everything

Every day we see desperate dog moms just roaming the streets of the island trying to feed their babies and keep them alive. Madeline was no exception, we found some of her babies first but days later we received a message saying that she was spotted wandering the streets digging through garbage looking for food. She did her best to protect and provide for her babies and she did an amazing job until we found them.

We found her just some time after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, probably the result of an irresponsible owner who abandoned her. She is a pit, there are too many misconceptions about this breed which have made rescuing them just so difficult. They are amazing and are simply a result of irresponsible owners. Because of her breed her options have been so limited that we ended up keeping her for months trying to figure out a plan. During this time this beautiful mama went through so much.

Poor Madeline developed a small growth removed on her toe while she was still on the island. After some months she developed an enormous and painful growth on the same place. This was extremely painful and prevented her from being able to walk. After a biopsy we found out she had canine papilloma virus, we were very lucky it was non cancerous. She had to get her entire toe removed going through and extremely expensive surgery. This is the second surgery she's had to go under and as a result she had to go through physical therapy just to be able to walk again.

She was luckily walking just shortly after this surgery. After all of this and all that she's suffered she still didn't have a plan, no family or rescue. After trying for months, many calls, messages and e-mails later we finally found an amazing rescue to help us with her. For her to be accepted she needs to be a part of their board and train program which costs $1,800. She has been the most expensive and the longest lasting dog at our rescue. She's had multiple surgeries, paid boarding, training, etc. She still hasn't been adopted but with the help we have now we are very hopeful she has a chance now.

It's hard to work with a breed that so many people have made seem to be dangerous. Dogs aren't born aggressive or fighters, they're bred and trained. Even ones that were once aggressive can be worked with. Madeline is finally getting the chance to be loved and safe.

Author: Vivian Alicea


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