Leon: The World is a Dangerous Place

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

One of the hardest parts of rescuing is the fact that we receive multiple messages every day asking for help with cases. It's horrible having to pick and choose which of these defenseless pups we get to save. When we received the initial message asking for help for Leon we couldn't take the case because we had a high volume of cases at the moment. After two weeks we received a message about our Leon again, but this time our boy was attacked by other dogs.

Leon just a few days after arriving to his forever home.

When we saw those pictures we just had to say yes to this sweet face. When we got him he had scars all over his body and was terrified of everything and everyone. He would go to the side of a room and stay there for hours. We assume he lived his entire life out on the streets, we never know with these pups, but he has just barely getting by.

People completely failed our boy, he had zero emotions when we got him. Weeks passed and he wouldn't even look at anyone's face. When he was picked up he was extremely hesitant, like most of our rescues, because he didn't trust.

Accidents happen all the time, specially when dogs get scared. We think that Leon got spooked by something one day, he jumped the fence and ran into an endless field. Leon was lost for two days while his foster was running all around looking for him but finding him was imposible. Imagining Leon back on the streets, alone, scared and hungry was horrible.

Leon with his new sibling after arriving to his forever home.

After those horrible couple of days when his foster arrived home from work she found Leon waiting on her porch. As much as he seemed hesitant and scared this showed us how much he has changed. Instead of staying out there he willingly decided to come back to the place where he felt safe. He wanted to be rescued.

Despite of everything he's gone through we saved him and we got so many messages of people interested in accepting him into their home as part of their family. Leon flew directly into his forever home where we knew he was going to receive all the love he deserves. A wonderful couple who opened their hearts and home to our wonderful boy have given him another oportunity at life. He is now living his best life with his family and will never suffer another day in his life.

-Author: Vivian Alicea

-Editor: Krystal Garcia


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