Lenny: There's Light at the End of the Tunnel

Most of the messages we get are of pups that are in just terrible conditions but this isn't the half of it. There are times in which we see so much evil, so much harm caused to these defenseless souls. Lenny, short for Leonard, suffered this cruelty. We received a message of a pup missing his entire paw, before we hung up the phone we were already out the door and on our way to rescue this poor boy.

Lenny on his vet visit getting his bandages changed.

When our vet saw our boy's wound he said it was probably man made. It's horrible to imagine a person hurting our defenseless Lenny but this type of injury is nothing new. We see machete wound on pups all around the island. It's a terrible reality we deal with everyday. On top of his terrible wound, he went through Hurricane Maria with us. Our poor boy had to go through weeks with his rotting leg. Thankfully we were able to fly him out of the island on a private jet where he arrived to our friends AMA Animal Rescue. Where he could finally have surgery.

The infection was so far up his leg that they had to amputate all the way up to his shoulder blade. His foster family had been waiting since August for Lenny but the circumstances of the hurricane were terrible and caused us to lose contact. We were finally able to get Lenny state side on October. His foster family was so worried that they had lost Lenny before they even got to meet him.

Lenny living his best life.

After surgery his foster family was dedicaded to his care around the clock. He had a very high risk of infection so they weren't able to get him to socialize, go out on walks, etc. Poor Lenny had become territorial because of everything that had happened. We're told that he's so motivated by food and affection that anything was possible with him.

After some time his foster mom was cast on a role that made her think she was too busy to keep taking care of Lenny. They decided to find another foster but after only one night they couldn't handle it. Tons of applications came in with people interested in Lenny but no one was good enough. His foster family had fallen in love with him and decided to give him the home he deserved, with the same family that nursed him back to health.


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