Kodiak: The Miracle Pup

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Kodiak was found by a student from Mayagüez who was passing by an abandoned house when she suddenly heard the cries of a desperate puppy. It was Kodiak, he was stuck under a couch that was inside the abandoned house in Arecibo. We didn't even get the chance to decide if we were going to take the case when a group of students took ahold of the situation. These students took care of everything, they found a foster and all of the funds to take care of his vetting.

Kodiak the day before he was adopted.

Kodiak was around 3 months old when they found him in horrible conditions, he couldn't walk, his bones were visible, he had an infection on one eye and on his skin. We are grateful for his rescuer because she decided to look for him and for her surprise she found a defenseless pup being squashed under a couch, he couldn't walk nor could he do anything by himself.

When we saw his pictures we tried to be hopeful but it was hard to imagine him doing anything but lay there. When we got to the vet we were told that he had a bit of everything; infection, worms, a hernia, horrible skin lesions due to being under the couch so long, in other words hope was fainting, and fast.

Kodiak the day we were being told his diagnosis at the Miradero Veterinary Clinic in Mayaguez.

In his diagnosis we were told he had swimmers chest, there is no way we could know the cause. We have a couple of theories; we believe he was abandoned at this house maybe because of his condition or his condition is the result of being abandoned. Swimmers chest normally causes the pup to move his legs like a turtle or as if they were swimming. Since he was still a puppy under development, early physical therapy helped him recover in less than a month. Our miracle puppy received lots of love, care and physical therapy, that's why we were able to get him healthy so fast.

After he was ready and walking, another curveball was thrown at us. He had a hernia and a severe infection in his eye. We were treating this infection but while he was playing he hurt his eye causing a severe injury. Everyone did their best to save his eye but it was too much for him. He ended up needing surgery to remove his eye. He isn't even 6 months old and he's already gone through too much, no living creature should suffer like Kodiak has at such a young age.

Kodiak with his forever family.

There were so many people who were along side Kodiak through his recovery, everyone fell in love but there is one specific person who just couldn't let him go. We were all set to send Kodiak to the US so he could find his forever home but the vet tech that had been taking care of him since day one couldn't let him leave. We did a last minute interview, we explained every detail about adopting Kodiak and he simply agreed. Kodiak finally found a miracle of his own, a place to live a healthy and happy life with his new dad.

We would like to thank the veterinarians and everyone at the Miradero Veterinary Clinic in Mayagüez, Kodiak has found his forever family with the same people who helped save his life. From Kodiak we learned that from second opportunities miracles are made, and we helped save his life and we gave a reason of happiness to his family.

-Author: Vivian Alicea

-Editor: Krystal Garcia


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