Fostering Saves Lives

A lot of people you meet say they want to help make the world a better place but they just don't know how. I graduated from high school years ago and right when I entered college I started fostering rescues. It's one of the most rewarding things you can do and even if you think you haven't made a change you have. A single person might not be able to change everything but you can definitely try. I've been a foster for 4 years now and I can't even count how many lives have passed through my home. I see them all grown up now and it just fills my heart.

My dog Bella with her foster brother Champ.

After so many pups I've learned that they're all different and some just win your heart, they're all different and they just have their own personalities. One foster that just won my heart was Champion. When I heard about him and his siblings I just didn't know what to expect, I only heard about puppies but when I got there I found out that his paw had been run over. I rescued all of his brothers and got them into foster homes but I kept him to myself. It was horrible, the first time I had ever gotten a dog that was physically hurt.

I didn't know what to expect but I couldn't just leave him because he was going to be "difficult". I couldn't say no to him, without second thought I took him in. I hoped his paw could be saved but it didn't turn out that way. He was in terrible pain and had to go to countless vet visits, it was very lucky that before I had gotten there to rescue him, a nice man was already tending to his wounds. He didn't take Champ to the vet, which would have been the best option, but here on the island most people don't have the resources. Thanks to this man Champ had no infection in his paw, even though he still had to get an amputation.

Champ on his way to his multiple vet visits.

I spent so much time with him, working with him, vet visits and making sure that he was good that it's hard not to fall in love. He was the strongest pup I had ever seen, he made it through so much pain and mistreatment until he finally got the care he deserved. With a ton of TLC he got better, he had surgery and got comfortable around people. I knew I couldn't do all of this alone, a group of friends took turns watching him and making sure he didn't hurt himself where he had surgery done.

He was extremely lucky that I found him when I did but I was also lucky to get to help him. Now his forever mom named him Truman and loves him to the moon and back. He's getting the best life he could ever have, surrounded by people who love him. He was lucky but there are so many others that aren't found on time. There are so many others who are ignored and never get that chance to feel loved and safe. You might not change the world by fostering but you do change that rescue's world. Thanks to you he won't feel alone anymore, he won't feel scared and he will finally know what being safe and loved is.

-Author: Vivian Alicea


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